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Why Become a Suzuki Teacher?

Are you a skilled, well-trained professional musician who would like to teach your instrument and work with young children?


Do you have a genuine affection for children and an interest in helping them develop as human beings through the study of music?


Are you interested in working in a cooperative atmosphere with children, parents and colleagues?


If so, you may be interested in investigating the Suzuki approach to music education. Many musicians who use the Suzuki Method have found that it provides a unique avenue for helping children and families as well as providing opportunities for their own growth as musicians, teachers, and human beings.



Increasing Need for Teachers

Since its introduction in North America more than forty years ago, the Suzuki Method has become a major force in music education. It has been successfully implemented in many different situations and is recognized by national music organizations. Interest in the method has grown as teachers, parents, and students experience its results. This has led to an increasing need for qualified Suzuki teachers in the Americas and abroad.




How to Become a Suzuki Teacher

While the Suzuki Method books are an invaluable resource, they do not guide a teacher in the essential principles of the method, which are learned through coursework and observation. Teacher training can be done in a number of ways, including short-term courses at summer institutes (usually 1-2 weeks), long term training in college or graduate programs, or weekend workshops. Courses are taught by Suzuki Teacher Trainers, and all courses are registered for credit with the SAA (Suzuki Association of the Americas).

To begin learning about Suzuki Method, take the Every Child Can (ECC) course, an introduction to the Suzuki Philosophy and Method (no audition or membership required).



Click here to read the article Training Basics: Tips for any teacher interested in Suzuki Method Teacher Training by Emily Rideout


More information about teacher training can be obtained at the website of the SAA:

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