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Suzuki:MA Teacher and Institution Directory

Suzuki:MA member teachers and institutions are listed alphabetically in our Directory and include contact information, instrument specialities, and teaching locations. All teachers listed in our directory are registered with the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

We recommend that you locate several teachers in your area, and then gather the information that will help you choose the best one for your child. Here are a few guidelines to help in this process:

  • Observe some teachers at work. Suzuki teachers generally welcome observations of their lessons, and may recommend or require parents and children to observe individual and group lessons before beginning study. Most teachers will be open to your request to observe another child’s lesson or group class, before you sign up.

  • Observe the relationships between teacher and child, and teacher and parent, when you attend the lessons of a prospective teacher.

  • Look for positive feedback, and loving care of the child, coupled with high standards for every level of performance. Each child should be consistently challenged to produce the best of which s/he is capable.

  • Inquire about the teacher’s musical and teaching training and experience. The teacher must have knowledge of the technique of the instrument, and of the philosophy that underlies the Suzuki Method.

  • Talk to parents of other students in the studio or program about their family’s experience. Experienced ‘Suzuki parents’ can share with you about their teacher’s style, and also provide insights into the unique values of Suzuki education.

  • Find out the teacher’s expectations of his/her students; also let the teacher know about your expectations and hopes, your understanding of the Suzuki approach, and your family’s commitment to Suzuki study.

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