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Training Basics: Tips for any teacher interested in Suzuki Method teacher training


by Emily Rideout


The Suzuki Method is a wonderful pathway for instrumental and early childhood educators! There are several ways to learn about Suzuki Method; here’s a brief introduction to them.



The basic introductory course is called ECC (Every Child Can). This is a 1-day course you can take at many locations throughout the country. It’s required to take this course before doing any instrument Unit Courses.

 Instrument Unit Courses cover the philosophy, teaching methods, and repertoire that correspond with each instrumental book. Unit courses can be taken within a full-time graduate degree program, or in week-long intensive courses at Suzuki Summer Institutes.


The Suzuki community is a welcoming and supportive place! If you’re curious about Suzuki teaching, you may be able to find a Suzuki teacher nearby. Suzuki teachers are often open to observation of their lessons and classes, or to having conversations about their teaching. You can find Suzuki teachers through your state Suzuki association or through the SAA (Suzuki Association of the Americas).

There’s a wonderful range of literature written about Suzuki Method, from books written by Shinichi Suzuki himself, to guides for teachers and parents. Some of these resources are listed below, but there are many more to discover!




Books about Suzuki Method:


Nurtured by Love, by Shin’ichi Suzuki

The Suzuki Violinist: A Guide for Teachers and Parents, by William J. Starr 


 Teaching From the Balance Point, by Edward Kreitman

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