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Suzuki Festival 2024! 


March 9-10, 2024


*New Location*

Concord Academy

166 Main St., Concord, MA

All schedules for Registered Students have been emailed from Please check your inbox and spam folder!

The Massachusetts Suzuki Festival is a two-day annual event for Suzuki students, parents, and teachers from across the state and beyond. Participants enjoy masterclasses, Suzuki group classes, enrichment classes, performances and much more for Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Piano, Flute and ECE.

Music To Grow!

Dr. Suzuki said, "Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart."

Come share a weekend with our Suzuki community full of inspiration to learn and grow together!

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Basic Info

Basic Information

*All information subject to change--please check the website regularly for up-to-date information!

**New Location: Concord Academy, 166 Main St., Concord, MA: Our New Location is just 30-40 minutes from the Boston and Worcester areas. Street parking is available as well as municipal lots a few blocks from Concord Academy.


What to have: Students should bring what you normally bring to a lesson. One parent/guardian is expected to stay with their child for the entirety of the festival.


What to wear: Wear something comfortable to move and participate as you would in any class. Please no pajamas. Festival T-shirts can be ordered with registration and will be available for pick-up at the Welcome Desk.

Student Schedule Overview:

  • On Saturday: Student Masterclasses are each 55-minutes and held between 12-6pm. The exact time of the assigned class time will be sent a week before the festival.

  • On Sunday: Student classes will run 9am-3pm. Each class is 45-minutes with a 15-minute passing time between classes. Lunch will be one hour from 12:00-1:00pm. The day will end with a String Play-In, Festival Orchestra performance and Recitals for piano, guitar and flute students beginning at 3pm.

  • Combo Ticket: Students in Books 1+ may attend Saturday, or Sunday, or both days. A combo ticket discount is applied to registrations for both days.


Sunday Lunch: You may choose to bring a bag lunch and eat in the dining hall of Concord Academy. Local nearby eateries are also available in the area, but limited. Please plan accordingly.

Scholarships:  Scholarships are available! To apply, go to the Scholarship Information and Application on the Student Information page. All scholarship applicants receive the Early-bird discount.

​Questions?  Contact us at

General Schedule

General Schedule

*All information subject to change--please check the website regularly for up-to-date information!

Friday, March 8 through Saturday, March 9

Teacher Workshops:

Workshops are open to teachers of any instrument, unless specified. All workshops will be recorded and provided for future viewing.

Saturday, March 9th

Student Instrumental Masterclasses: each 55-minutes, assigned between 12:00-6:00pm

Please note that all Masterclasses are scheduled on Saturday only. Assignment of one 55-minute masterclass will be sent approximately one week before the festival. No Masterclasses will take place on Sunday.

Student Original Composition Masterclass: each 55-minutes, assigned between 12:00-6:00pm

Students are encouraged to share their original compositions with Wynn-Anne Rossi and learn techniques to improve and hones their skills.

Sunday, March 10th

Sunday Student Festival Activities 9:00-4:00pm: The schedule varies depending on the student's instrument/level:

  • For Book 1 and above students, the schedule consists of a Suzuki group repertoire class and technique class, a family concert and 2 enrichment classes and a final play-in or recital.

  • For Pre-Twinkle students, it consists of a Suzuki group class, a family concert and 1 enrichment class in the morning.

  • For Early Childhood Education (ECE) students, it consists of a Suzuki ECE class and a family concert in the morning.


Class assignments are based on age and level. Classes are 45-minutes each with a 15-minute break between classes and a lunch break from 12:00-1:00pm. The day concludes with the Festival Orchestra Concert, String Play-in and Guitar, Piano and Flute Piano Recitals 3-4pm.

Sample Sunday Festival Schedule for Book 1+ students:

9:00am-9:45am: Suzuki Group Repertoire Class

10:00-10:45am: Enrichment Class

11:00-11:45am: Family Concert

12:00-1:00pm Lunch Break

1:00-1:45pm: Suzuki Group Musicianship Class / Piano Triolets

2:00-2:45pm: Enrichment Class / Festival Orchestra Rehearsal

3:00-3:45pm: Festival Orchestra Performance / String Play-in / Recitals

Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions


Saturday Instrumental Masterclasses

Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Guitar and Flute students who register for a masterclass are assigned to one 55-minute masterclass on Saturday. In a masterclass, students take turns performing for a master teacher and receive feedback in front of their peers. For the remainder of the class, they learn through observation. Masterclasses will take place hourly on Saturday between 12-6pm. Book 1 students are assigned to groups of 4 and receive approx. *13-14 minutes of instruction each, Book 2-3 students are assigned to groups of 3 and receive approx. *18-19 minutes of instruction each, and Book 4 and older students are scheduled with 2 students per class and receive approx. *27-28 minutes of instruction each. *Actual time may vary by discretion of the clinician.  Students and parents are expected to stay for the entire masterclass.  Sunday schedules will not include a masterclass. Therefore, if you want a masterclass, please sign up for one on Saturday.


**New Offering** Saturday Original Composition Masterclass

Do you love to compose? Would you like to share your original composition and learn techniques to improve your creative skills? Then this is the class for you! Wynn-Anne has been teaching students to compose for over 30 years, encouraging thousands of young musicians to speak music. Compositions can be in traditional notation or non-traditional notation and must be able to be performed. In this 1-hour class, discover important tools for composition that enhance musical identity and build confidence in self-expression. It is an important, natural skill for every musician! Compositions should to be submitted 2 weeks before the start of the festival.


Suzuki Group Repertoire Class

All students in PreTwinkle and above will participate in Suzuki group class where students review common repertoire by joining in fun activities with their peers. Students can refer to the Suggested Review List for preparation.


Suzuki Early Childhood Education (ECE)

This class is for children ages 0 - 4 and an accompanying adult. The ECE class uses song and movement as a beautiful introduction to the Suzuki method for babies and toddlers.

Folk Baroque.jpg

Family Concert with Folk Baroque

Folk Baroque explores the counterpoint and connections between Baroque music and traditional music from around the world. They perform on period instruments (fiddle, Baroque viola, and Baroque 'cello) and share music old and new, from a variety of traditions. Concerts feature pieces from Bach to ragtime, and centuries-old fiddle tunes to our own compositions.


Suzuki Group Musicianship Class

Suzuki group students in Book 1 and above will explore refining techniques to make their repertoire pieces shine!


Seeds of Imagination - Composition

Every musical creation begins with a seed of inspiration. Wynn-Anne will take the students on a journey to explore their own creative potential. We will discover practical improvisation exercises and make original music using the shorthand of non-traditional notation. Together, we will take a journey under the sea and into deep space. We will recreate a lion roar and mimic a sloth. Self-expression is a natural part of our musical language.


Singing and Movement Through the Folk Art Traditions

Students will explore a plethora of songs and movement through the folk traditions. We will move, play games, and sing!


Introduction to Fiddling

In this workshop we will learn a fiddle tune, playing back-up with double-stop chords, and bluegrass-style shuffle, groove, and hot licks!


Blues and Improvisation

Experiment with bluesy sounds! In this workshop we will learn the 12-bar blues, chord structure, and tools for improvisation.


Piano Triolets

In this an ensemble preparatory class, Piano students in Book 3 and higher have the opportunity to perform Suzuki repertoire in a chamber music setting with violin and cello.


Musical History Tour: How the Baroque Period Changed the World

In Musical History Tours, students will be learning how to hear the "age of scientific discovery" in some of our most famous music and why Bach is called the "Father of Music". Using costumes, storytelling, and musical performances Dr. Speicher will bring the Baroque Period to life for all ages. 

Music Mind Games Photo.jpeg

Music Mind Games

Music Mind Games is a way to learn music theory that involves a lot of fun activities! Young students will find it easy to notate rhythms, hear different chord qualities, and even transcribe melodies through fun and cooperative game play.

Image by Julio Rionaldo

Festival Orchestra

Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano and Bass students in Book 4 and above are invited to participate in the Festival Orchestra. Students in Book 3 may participate on the recommendation of their private lesson teacher.


Students must register for Sunday Festival Activities to participate in the Festival Orchestra.

  • Please prepare parts in advance of rehearsals.

  • Rehearsals will take place on Saturday, March 9 at 4:30-6:00pm and Sunday, March 10 during the final class period.

  • A final performance will take place at 3pm on Sunday, March 10

Link to Festival Orchestra piece "España Cañi" parts

Link to RECORDING of Festival Orchestra piece "España Cañi"

Assignment of Violin Parts:

(Please consult with your private lesson teacher concerning part level and preparing your part.)

Violin I = Late Book 4/Book 5+

Violin II = Book 3/Book 4

Violin III = Book 3

If you would like to join the orchestra, or have questions concerning part levels, please email


Parent Session with Miriam Bolkosky - World peace begins at home

We will discuss how values and beliefs impact practicing. We will explore the role our own history, motivations, and expectations play in practicing, and offer tools for managing challenging moments and different practice stages.


String Play-In

Violin, viola and cello students with play together to conclude the day.


Solo Recitals

Piano, Guitar and Flute students are encouraged to share what they are learning by performing a piece to conclude the day.

Repetoire Lists
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