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2019 Festival Information 

The Massachusetts Suzuki Festival is a two-day annual event for Suzuki students, parents, and teachers from across the state.  Participants enjoy masterclasses, group classes, chamber music, workshops, performances, early childhood education, and much more for Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, and Piano.  Our 2019 Suzuki Festival will take place the weekend of March 9-10, at New England Conservatory, located at 30 Gainsborough Street, Boston.


Basic Information


Location: New England Conservatory

(30 Gainsborough Street, Boston 02115)


The festival will take place in 3 different buildings:


The Jordan Hall Building (30 Gainsborough Street) 


The Student Life & Performing Center (255 St. Botolph Street)


The St. Botolph Building (241 St. Botolph Street)



The Student Life Building and the St. Botolph Building are connected, you will need to go outside to get to the Jordan Hall Building. There will be a 15 minute passing time between each class.   

What to bring: Bring what you normally bring to a lesson. Parents are expected to stay with their children for the entirety of the festival.



What to wear: Dress in layers! The rooms can be cold to hot.



Food: On Sunday, please plan to bring water and lunch/snacks, or grab a quick bite nearby at Whole Foods, Subway, or Panera Bread. Lunch will be an hour on Sunday from 12-1pm. 


Scholarships: Are available! Please go to the Tuition/Registration/Scholarship page to apply.   

Questions?  Contact us at www.suzukifestival@gmail.com

General Schedule


*All information subject to change--please check the website regularly for up-to-date information!

Saturday, March 9 (12:00pm - 6:00pm)

Student Masterclasses: 12:00-6:00pm

Period Instrument Workshops: Pianoforte 1:00-5:00pm (students will be placed first come first serve into one of two workshops) Both Sessions are Currently Full

Festival Chamber Orchestra Rehearsal: 3:00-4:00pm (String players Book 4+)

Teacher Workshops: 3:00pm-6:00pm

3:00-3:55pm: "Violin Technique Revisited"--Linda Fiore (violin)


4:00-4:55pm: "Striving for Excellence!"-- Linda Fiore (open to all instruments)


3:00-3:55pm: "Developing Reading Skills; Pre-twinkle and Up"--David Madsen (guitar)

3:00-3:55pm: “How to insert more Improvisation into the Lesson"--Avi Friedlander (cellists bring your instruments!)

5:00-5:55pm: "123 Go: Starting Young Beginners"--Sachiko Isihara (piano)

Sunday, March 10 (9:00am - 4:00pm)

Early Childhood Education: Students ages 0-4 are scheduled for 2 hours of classes including the Early Childhood Education Class and watching the performing ensemble concert.


Pre-Twinkle: Students are scheduled for 3 hours of classes including group class, Eurythmics, and watching the performing ensemble concert.


Full Day Sunday Festival: (Books 1 and higher) The schedule varies slightly whether you are a string player or a pianist.  (Please see the piano information page if applicable.)  It consists of group classes, enrichment classes, a Musical History Tour, and a concert by a performing ensemble, and much more. Class assignments are based on age and level. Students are scheduled for 5 hours of classes from 9am - 3pm with a break for lunch from 12-1pm. The festival culminates with Piano Recitals, The Chamber Orchestra Performance, and a String "Play-In" at the end of the day between 3-4pm.


String students Books 4 and higher will be invited to participate in a chamber orchestra as part of their festival music experience. Rehearsals will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

Class Descriptions



During a one hour masterclass, students take turns performing for a master teacher and receive feedback in front of their peers.  Masterclasses take place on Saturday and/or Sunday depending upon your instrument.  Book 1-students are assigned to groups of 4 and receive 15 minutes of instruction, Book 2-3 students are assigned to groups of 3 and receive 20 minutes of instruction, and Book 4 and older students are scheduled with 2 students per class and receive 30 minutes of instruction.  Students and parents are expected to stay the entire masterclass hour.

Group Class

In Suzuki group classes, students review common repertoire by joining in fun activities with their peers.


This class is an ensemble preparatory class for pianists based upon our common Suzuki repertoire; providing a chamber music experience for pianists Book 3 and higher.

Period Instrument Workshop: Pianoforte

Back by popular demand!  Andrus Madsen will be exploring the art of performance on a forerunner of the modern day piano--the pianoforte.  Students will have an opportunity to have a mini-lesson on the instrument in a masterclass style format, and then the workshop will culminate with a casual performance by the teacher and students.  (This workshop is for piano students Book 2 and higher, and both 1.5 hour workshops will be filled on a first come first serve basis.)

String Improvisation Classes/Intro. to Blues for Guitarists

Suzuki students will explore ways to implement improvisation into their daily practice and performance technique.  This year's classes include Improvisation for string players with Avi Friedlander (cello, violin, and viola), and Intro. to Blues (guitarists) with Andrew Leonard.  Avi will be focusing on alternative styles of playing and fostering improvisation skills during a larger mixed-instrument group class while Mr. Leonard’s blues workshop combines the listening skills already developed through Suzuki training; with an introduction to blues chords and the very basics of improvising on guitar.

Suzuki Early Childhood Education

This class is for children ages 0-4 and an accompanying adult. The ECE class uses song and movement as a beautiful introduction to the Suzuki method for babies and toddlers. The class will take place on Sunday at 10:00 am.


Based on the pedagogy of Emile Dalcroze, this class explores music through movement, ensemble, singing, and improvisation.

Alexander Technique

This class is designed specifically for musicians; fostering self-awareness in posture, balance, and movement.  This has been found to be most influential for good tone production, healthy practicing techniques, and the release of unnecessary tension during performance.


Musical History Tour

Chuck Speicher brings music history to life with his entertaining interactive presentations.  Join him for "Masterpieces of Russian Storytelling,” as he explores the music of Swan Lake, Firebird, and The Rite of Spring.

Chamber Orchestra

An ensemble for Book 4+ String students who will be attending the festival both Saturday and Sunday, or Sunday only.  Students will explore the art of chamber music and collaboration while making new friends. Chamber Orchestra will meet for two rehearsals: Saturday, March 9th (3:00-4:00pm), and Sunday, March 10th (11:00am-12:00pm).  The orchestra will perform at 3:00pm on Sunday, prior to the String "Play-in at 3:30pm.


Participating students should plan to arrive to the rehearsal with the music well-learned and polished as much as possible.

Guest Artist Performance: Jason Anick Trio "Journeys Through Musical Style"

Come witness jazz without boundaries and explore multiple genres with this Berklee-based award winning trio! Check them out on: www.jasonanick.com

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Repertoire Lists


Festival Repertoire for Group Classes:


The magic of bringing Suzuki students together is that we share a common repertoire of pieces.  While we do expect that students will make an effort to review all of the music they have already learned, we realize it’s helpful to have a smaller number of pieces on which to focus for this event.  


Book 1



Book 2

Chorus from Judas Maccabeus


Handel Bouree

Witches' Dance

Lully Gavotte


Book 3

Minuet No. 3

Gavotte in G Minor

Gavotte in D Major


Book 4

Seitz #2 - Concerto No. 5, 1st Mvt.

Seitz #3 - Concerto No. 5, 3rd Mvt.

Vivaldi A Minor, 1st mvt

Bach Double


Book 5

Country Dance

Veracini Gigue


Book 6

Handel F Major Sonata, mvt. 2

Fiocco Allegro

Rameau Gavotte


Book 7 & 8

Veracini Sonata, mvt 2


Bach A minor, mvt 1

Mozart Minuet


TBA (depending upon enrollment)


Book 1



Book 2

Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus

Hunters Chorus

March in G

Witches’ Dance


Book 3



Gavotte in C Minor


Book 4

Breval Sonata, mvt 1


Book 5

Dance Rustique


Book 6

The Swan


Book 7

Eccles Sonata, mvt 1& 2


Book 8

Faure Elegie


Book 1



Book 2

Long, Long Ago

A Toye



Book 3


Waltz from Sonata #9

Celeste y Blanco


Book 4



La Folia


Book 5

La Volta

Gavottes I & II

Allegro Vivace


Book 6

Guardarme las Vacas


Book 7


Sounds of the Bells


Book 8



You must review all pieces in your current book that you have learned with your teacher, and ALL the pieces listed from all the previous books on this list.  For example, if you are learning "By the Limpid Stream" from Book 4, you should know Mozart Rondo, Mozart Minuet, Burgmuller Arabesque and then all pieces listed below your own book level.


Book 7

Mozart Rondo alla Turca


Book 6

Mendelssohn Gondola Song


Book 5

Beethoven Fur Elise

Chopin Waltz in A Minor


Book 4

Beethoven Sonata in G, 1st Movement (Allegro)


Book 3

Kuhlau Sonatina Opus 55, Vivace

Gurlitt Little Waltz


Book 2

Lichner A Short Story


Book 1

Twinkle Variations

Go Telll Aunt Rhody

Allegretto 1

Allegretto 2


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