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Join or Renew your Suzuki:MA Membership for 2024!


Welcome to the Suzuki Association of Massachusetts!

Suzuki:MA supports the Suzuki community of Massachusetts, providing resources, connection, enrichment opportunities and scholarships for students, families, and educators. We promote the educational philosophy of Shinichi Suzuki. 

Join us as we Nurture through Music.


Membership in Suzuki:MA connects you to your local Suzuki music community. We offer several membership levels to suit the needs of individuals and organizations throughout Massachusetts.


Active Membership ($35) - for teachers and other active members of the Suzuki community. 

Membership Benefits


Listing in our paper Teacher Directory as well as on the Suzuki: MA site



Eligibility to apply for teacher training scholarships



Invitations to teacher education and enrichment events, including 'Suzuki Social" gatherings



Subscription to Suzuki:MA's membership directory, eNewsletter and three paper newsletters annually

Member Discounts


Discounted registration for MA: Suzuki's workshop and other events

Online Community

Share events, announcements, news, accompanist information, and more with your statewide Suzuki community through MA:Suzuki's web and social media platforms

For the sake of our children, let us educate them from the cradle to have a noble mind, a high sense of values and splendid ability.

- Dr. Shinichi Suzuki


As a 501(c)non-profit organization, we rely heavily on donations from members of our community, or any supporter of Suzuki education.  Any amount given is tax-deductible.  Please consider making a donation today!


Your gift provides for:

  • scholarships for students attending Suzuki:MA events

  • scholarships that enable Suzuki teachers to continue their own training and development

  • our annual statewide Suzuki Festival, which has benefited hundreds of students over the years

  • development of online resources for teachers, students, and parents

  • bringing renowned Suzuki teachers and teacher trainers to share with students and teachers in MA

  • the continued health of our organization, and our ability to support the Suzuki community throughout Massachusetts


Anti-Racism Statement

Shinichi Suzuki traveled around the world advocating for the adoption of his revolutionary philosophy that respected the value of every child and parent. His writings emphasize that as adults, we have the responsibility to create an environment for all children to thrive and succeed. Suzuki hoped that through this manner of nurturing and teaching we would change the world. As he put it so neatly: 

“A new world begins with a young child.”

The world Suzuki lived through was not all beautiful. The racism against Japanese people during and after World War II as well as the staggering poverty and loss in his home country of Japan surely weighed on him. Even having witnessed these injustices and atrocities, he trained teachers and students worldwide with such love and kindness.

The newest wave of protests and calls to action in response to the police brutality and systemic racism in our country highlights the need for us - as torch-bearers of Suzuki’s lifelong dream of world peace and equality - to reaffirm that Black lives matter.

The Board understands that the Suzuki community of Massachusetts, on the whole, does not adequately reflect the diversity of our area. We are actively pursuing initiatives to encourage and create more inclusion and diversity in our events (both for students and teachers), and offer scholarships to students of color. Black, Latinx and indigenous children in Massachusetts deserve equal access to Suzuki music education. We know that “every child can,” and want to make that possible for our whole community. 

As a member of Suzuki:MA, your perspective on diversity and inclusion is needed and appreciated. We especially welcome voices of color to help us reach people of all backgrounds with Suzuki’s philosophy of love and beauty through music. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Board to say hello, share a story, connect us with a resource or offer your help!

Sincerely yours,

Donny Landers and the Suzuki:MA Board of Directors


The Suzuki Association of Massachusetts would like to thank the following organizations for their generous support of Suzuki education throughout the Commonwealth:

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