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Teachers' Workshop February 20-24


Music Mind Games Unit 1
with Kari Lapins

Music Mind Games Photo.jpeg

What is Music Mind Games?

Music Mind Games is a successful and popular method to teach students music theory and guide students to become musically literate. This hands-on workshop covers basic music theory concepts such as the musical alphabet, intervals, rhythm reading, rhythm math, melodic dictation, solfege, Curwen hand signs, the grand staff, alto and tenor clefs, musical symbols, tempos, beginning key signatures and beginning scale study.  
Unit 1 covers approximately 100 games, played in the same sequence that they can be played with students. Some student observation will be included to give teachers the opportunity to see games in practice, learn how much can be accomplished in a short period of time, and observe the joy with which students of all ages embrace learning with this method.

The Unit 1 workshop is open to all music teachers (all instruments, voice, and classroom teachers), and will include 30 hours of teaching over five days. Click here to learn more about our instructor Kari Lapins

Teacher can participate in-person or online, although in-person is preferable. 

Location: Winchester Community Music School, Winchester, MA or Online

Days and Times: February 20-24, 9:30am-4:30pm with a one hour lunch break


Tuition Until January 9: $475 Suzuki:MA members/$500 non-members

Tuition After January 9: $495 Suzuki:MA members/$520 non-members

Must Knows

Each teacher will need a Music Mind Games Unit 1 book and Puppy Packet during the course. Registrants will have the option to participate in a group order. Participants are also required to have an online Teacher Membership at before the workshop.

Space in the workshop is limited to 12 registrants. Once the maximum is reached, we will start a waiting list.

Questions? Please contact Lisa Hollis or Alyssa Lawson We are excited to see you in February!

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