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Festival Information for Piano Students

Schedule Information for all Piano Students


Masterclasses will take place on Saturday between 12:00-6:00pm.  Sunday schedules will include a group class, workshop, eurhythmics, and other enrichment classes.  Therefore, if you want a piano masterclass, please sign up for one on Saturday.  


Special Offerings for Pianists!

​Triolets: This year we are offering a chamber music experience for pianists on Sunday in smaller groups. This is a great opportunity to learn ensemble skills and make music together!  This class is an ensemble preparatory class based upon our common repertoire for pianists Book 3 and higher. Please indicate on your registration if this is something you want to participate in and what your repertoire selection will be.  We will be placing students in this class on a first come first serve basis.

Final Piano Recitals:  will take place at 3:00 and 3:30pm at the conclusion of the festival.



Group Class Repertoire:


You must review all pieces in your current book that you have learned with your teacher, and ALL the pieces listed from all the previous books on the list below.  For example, if you are learning "By the Limpid Stream" from Book 4, you should know Mozart Rondo, Mozart Minuet, Burgmuller Arabesque and then all pieces listed below your own book level.


Book 7-

Mozart Rondo alla Turca


Book 6

Mendelssohn Gondola Song


Book 5

Beethoven Fur Elise

              Chopin Waltz in a minor


Book 4

Beethoven Sonata in G, 1st Movement (Allegro)


Book 3

Kuhlau Sonatina opus 55, Vivace

              Gurlitt Little Waltz


Book 2

Lichner A Short Story


Book 1

  Twinkle Variations

  Go Tell Aunt Rhody

     Allegretto 1

     Allegretto 2



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