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October 15th & 16th,  2022

Johnson Strings/Carriage House Violins 
Thank you to all who attended!

If you missed our workshops from the annual meeting, please click on the link(s) below to purchase access to the recordings. The links will be live soon. 

   Suzuki:MA Workshop: “Engaged Parenting for Musical Success” - Barbie Wong, guest clinician

     Suzuki:MA Workshop: “Motivation: What Really Works with Kids and Music Practicing” - Barbie Wong

Workshops for Parents

Saturday, October 15th, 2022

6:00pm-8:00pm: Engaged Parenting for Musical Success

In this talk, music educator and parent Barbie Wong will show how parental engagement can have a dramatic and positive impact on a child’s musical development. She will share practical tools that guide parents to more fully support their child’s music-making during the music lesson and at home with practicing. In contrast to helicopter parenting, engaged parenting helps the child develop ownership, joy and mastery. Parents often want to help, but don’t know how. If they are skillfully engaged, the result is having children become more joyful at their lessons, practice more consistently and effectively at home, and develop into adults with a deep love for music.

Cost: $50 for non-members, $45 for parent/teacher members

Barbie Wong, Piano

barbie wong photo.jpg

Suzuki:MA Clinician

Workshops for Teachers and Parents

Sunday, October 16th

Music, Memories, and Mayhem:How to Help Kids Develop a Lifelong Love of Music

What can Yo-Yo Ma, Elton John, and Dolly Parton teach us about inspiring kids to make music? Plenty, despite their very different backgrounds. The similarities in their early environments reveal the passion that each of these accomplished artists developed for music and their ability to sustain it throughout their lives. Join music educator Barbie Wong for a lively and informative talk exploring the childhood experiences of great musicians like Mozart, Paul McCartney, and Alicia Keys, and the common elements that laid the foundation for their lifelong love affair with music. Barbie’s many years of interviewing and researching musicians of all genres inspired her to develop an effective yet simple blueprint teachers and parents can use to create a stimulating, musically rich environment that will awaken and deepen a child’s love for music.

Cost: $50 for non-members, $45 for parent/teacher members

Sunday, October 16th 1pm-3pm

Motivation: What Really Works with Kids and Music Practicing

How do you motivate a child to practice their instrument? If you're like most parents and teachers, you have a child who is not always eager to practice and may even resist it. In this workshop, music educator Barbie Wong will explain how motivation actually works, what drives a child to make music with joy, and how you can create the right environment for that to happen. The result is a child who is more eager to play their instrument and a better connection between teacher, parent and child.


Cost: $50 for non-members, $45 for parent/teacher members

Annual Meeting Events for Members
Sunday, October 16, 2022 - no registration fees required


Suzuki:MA Potluck
Reception for Suzuki:MA Members



Suzuki:MA Annual Meeting 



Keynote Address 
Barbie Wong, clinician: Guiding Parents with Skill and Compassion

Barbie Wong

barbie wong photo.jpg

Barbie Wong is a music educator who teaches parents how to raise joyful, musical children. With music degrees from Stanford University and Smith College, Barbie has worked with over 400 music teachers and parents from around the world. Barbie believes that everyone has the capacity to learn music and teaches parents how to raise musical children through her workshops, online courses, and blog called “Musical Nest.” Barbie’s two decades of teaching experience includes teaching 'ukulele at a K-8 public school and raising two vivacious children. She is passionate about honoring the whole child perspective by promoting sensitivity and the individuality of each child. Barbie has played percussion with the Oakland Public Conservatory Orchestra, performed tango music with Orquesta Z, and played classical music with the Accordion Chamber Ensemble. She is a certified Suzuki piano teacher and is a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, Music Teachers National Association, and National Association for Music Education. When Barbie is not teaching or making music, she enjoys eating chocolate and doing parkour.

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